Thursday, February 2, 2017

Update! First food and First Fall!!

Oh wow! A whole 2 months had passed since!

At 5.5 months I slept in the room with you. You have since stopped waking at 4am-ish and continued to sleep til 7am - 7.30am. Sometimes you'd make noises but I stayed in bed. Occasionally you'd wake up screaming uncontrollably, that's when I'd wake up and make milk. Usually after 6am so not too bad.

Few times before turning 6mths you'd wake up and whinned or whimpered and sounded different than usual. So when we checked, you're stuck on your tummy unable to turn back again. To date - you're still stuck. Occasionally you're able to turn back on your own but mostly stuck.

Yesterday at 6.9mths you had your first fall!
I sat you up on a blankie on the sofa. You were elevated. Went to the kitchen to get you milk and packed up your bag on the other soda before leaving to pick up Mia and Dad. That's when I heard a tumble followed by a thud. I rushed over, you looked shocked. I smiled and picked you up then you started to scream. A good 30 seconds! Poor baby. Totally Mum's fault sorry baby. Well.. congratulations anyway. It wont be your last! 

Had your immunisation shot last week. Just you me and Mia. Hollered for a bit but not too bad.

You have started to parrot sounds now. Dadadada yayayaya.. sometimes you squealed after you heard Mia.

First food was avocadoes. Didn't like BLW. So I pureed. So far you love bananas and peaches. Then it was banana avocadoes, spinach pumpkin, spinach sweet potatoes, mangoes, etc. Today was sweet potatoes leeks and asparagus. Mia's fav. You don't seem interested much in food. Unlike Mia. My theory might be because you have a strong gag reflex. On hindsight, you don't put things in your mouth much except for your blankie or your hands/fingers. Hopefully this changes soon.

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