Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 17 18 19

Week 17 also saw us at longer naps. Same goes to Week 18. Then now at Week 19 you regressed. You can be so unpredictable baby.

Friday Week 18 I decided to try sleeping in thw room again with you. You still trash around in your sleep. It's the following Wed in Week 19 now and last night was your worst. You kept moving and trashing around for more than an hour. I got up once and re position you, the next morning you were 180degrees from where I positioned you before. The night before that you woke up crying and screamed at 530 so I gave you milk and change.

So since the last post, I had my eye surgery and you were good. The following weekend Week 18 you had your passport done. Thursday Week 18 you finally got circumsized. Funny-weird procedure. Dad and I were both in the surgery room. They numb you up and we had to hang around for 45mins before procedure. Then we went in and they used local anaesthetics. The only problem we encountered was keeping you horizontal for 20mins. Halfway through you started to increasingly fuss. I gave you bottle. Then 2mins before they finish you fussed again. After it was all done, we started home. You pooed on the way and screamed bloody murder! Anaesthetic must've worn off by then. Doc did say within an hour or so. We cleaned up, wash the area and you screamed and we gave you panadol. Twice that day. The next day you're fine. Probably a little jolt her and there when we carried you but mostly fine.

Week 19 a surprise birthday party for aunty yvonne. You were tired mostly. It was bedtime anyway. Slept in my arms. This week you seem to regress a bit for naps. Hopefully not for too long now!

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