Monday, February 13, 2017

Rolling over and over and mobile!

We are mobile now!

While most babies are probably starting to crawl.. you rolled all over the living room today! 😂

Thanks to Mia who played and kept putting you on your tummy..

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Update! First food and First Fall!!

Oh wow! A whole 2 months had passed since!

At 5.5 months I slept in the room with you. You have since stopped waking at 4am-ish and continued to sleep til 7am - 7.30am. Sometimes you'd make noises but I stayed in bed. Occasionally you'd wake up screaming uncontrollably, that's when I'd wake up and make milk. Usually after 6am so not too bad.

Few times before turning 6mths you'd wake up and whinned or whimpered and sounded different than usual. So when we checked, you're stuck on your tummy unable to turn back again. To date - you're still stuck. Occasionally you're able to turn back on your own but mostly stuck.

Yesterday at 6.9mths you had your first fall!
I sat you up on a blankie on the sofa. You were elevated. Went to the kitchen to get you milk and packed up your bag on the other soda before leaving to pick up Mia and Dad. That's when I heard a tumble followed by a thud. I rushed over, you looked shocked. I smiled and picked you up then you started to scream. A good 30 seconds! Poor baby. Totally Mum's fault sorry baby. Well.. congratulations anyway. It wont be your last! 

Had your immunisation shot last week. Just you me and Mia. Hollered for a bit but not too bad.

You have started to parrot sounds now. Dadadada yayayaya.. sometimes you squealed after you heard Mia.

First food was avocadoes. Didn't like BLW. So I pureed. So far you love bananas and peaches. Then it was banana avocadoes, spinach pumpkin, spinach sweet potatoes, mangoes, etc. Today was sweet potatoes leeks and asparagus. Mia's fav. You don't seem interested much in food. Unlike Mia. My theory might be because you have a strong gag reflex. On hindsight, you don't put things in your mouth much except for your blankie or your hands/fingers. Hopefully this changes soon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 17 18 19

Week 17 also saw us at longer naps. Same goes to Week 18. Then now at Week 19 you regressed. You can be so unpredictable baby.

Friday Week 18 I decided to try sleeping in thw room again with you. You still trash around in your sleep. It's the following Wed in Week 19 now and last night was your worst. You kept moving and trashing around for more than an hour. I got up once and re position you, the next morning you were 180degrees from where I positioned you before. The night before that you woke up crying and screamed at 530 so I gave you milk and change.

So since the last post, I had my eye surgery and you were good. The following weekend Week 18 you had your passport done. Thursday Week 18 you finally got circumsized. Funny-weird procedure. Dad and I were both in the surgery room. They numb you up and we had to hang around for 45mins before procedure. Then we went in and they used local anaesthetics. The only problem we encountered was keeping you horizontal for 20mins. Halfway through you started to increasingly fuss. I gave you bottle. Then 2mins before they finish you fussed again. After it was all done, we started home. You pooed on the way and screamed bloody murder! Anaesthetic must've worn off by then. Doc did say within an hour or so. We cleaned up, wash the area and you screamed and we gave you panadol. Twice that day. The next day you're fine. Probably a little jolt her and there when we carried you but mostly fine.

Week 19 a surprise birthday party for aunty yvonne. You were tired mostly. It was bedtime anyway. Slept in my arms. This week you seem to regress a bit for naps. Hopefully not for too long now!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 15 16 17

We have been busy with Mia's ballet rehearsals and concert.

It is Week 17 now.
In the past few weeks many has changed with you.

At the end of Week 15 and beginning of Week 16 you have stopped waking up at 4am. Usually bedtime at 7ish and wake up at 4ish in the morning. One night you managed to extend up to 7am. So I pushed your bedtime to later - 8pm ish. In an effort to make you wake up later and ditch the 4am wake up. Starting from Week 16 onwards you have only woken once couple nights ago at 5am. And last night (17 wks) at 5am ish. Hoping these two will be the last.

Another achievement is at Week 16 (Monday to be exact), you started taking 2 hr naps around noon time. Usually from 12 to 2pm. Then weekend came and your schedule has messed up a bit. You have also take 180mls milk 5 times a day now that your sleep has changed. At last!

We're still working on this routine. Usually by between 5-7pm you will start fussing, doesn't know what you wanna do, some soft singing or quiet time most times calms you down a bit. Or a short nap on my arm or in the cot with lights on and door open. Just so you dont sleep too long. Before this routine you usually sleep and if it has passed 7pm you're done for the night. And wake up again at 4am. We're trying to ditch the 4am wakeup so we let you stay up a bit longer. Been a week now so let's hope this works!

Which also meant the last of middle of the night wake up for me! Bit sad tho.

Tomorrow I have my eye cataract surgery. Hope everything goes well!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 14

We spent the day prep for tomorrow's catering and cooking for tonight's dinner at Aunty Yvonne with Aunty Karen and Aunty Suzanne. Upon arriving you were already sleepy and in the middle of dinner I picked you up and you slept in my arms the whole time we were there. By the time we reached home it was 11pm-ish and you became unsettled so gave you milk and put you to bed.

Catering and tried to put you to nap unswaddled. You still have problems with it. I'm close to giving in by now.

Before our appointment with Dr Cowie, you had tummy time and guess what! You rolled back! On your own! 3 times!! Mia and I took a video. Super proud!! Mia's school has pupil free day today so we stayed home. You had a pretty bad day today. Nap really little on your own. Then again, probably because of the new skill you just learned as well. I duno. But it wasn't a good napping day!

Dr said we can go ahead with the circumcision.