Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 13

The weekend you turned 13 weeks, on Sunday to be precise. At 13 weeks 1 day old you suddenly took a big afternoon nap. 3 hour nap! Sadly it only lasted that day. Never happened again. I'm beginning to notice during your wonder week, you sleep more than usual. Just as when it happened when you were 6 wks old. This week also you started showing signs of wanting more milk. We started you on Nan Pro Gold now. S26 smells strongly and left your bottles oily. You are now at  150 mls, 6 bottles a day. You did 180mls with S26 but most time couldn't finish.

Monday - it is the second week of spring break for Mia. Last night I braved myself to sleep with you in our room. I just couldn't sleep! Either you were noisy with your moans and groans. Or you were just shuffling soooo much! So after your midnight feed, I put you in a sleeping bag. Swaddled inside. At your usual 4am feed (yes for some reason you woke up twice! Usually you skipped midnight and up at 4 instead), you were wriggling your hands so much I decided to unswaddle you instead. Your arms always came out anyways. You don't seem to mind. But day naps are so hard for you unswaddled.

I managed to contact Dr Kirby to schedule circumcision for you. Unfortunately he only does babies under 4 weeks old and we have to wait til you start walking. Disappointed, I searched for other doctors and found Dr Stephen Paul Cowie at Redgumskin clinic. Scheduled a consultation for next Monday.

Tuesday - we went Ikea. Poor Mia had been wanting to go to their playroom. So after your morning nap, we went had lunch there with you in BabyBjorn and after lunch I sent her in the playroom while you slept in the stroller we went around Ikea.

Wednesday - sent Dad to work then went back home for your morning nap before heading to Cafe Primo for lunch, as promised to Mia. You napped in the stroller until it was time to pick up Dad. Then we went to send Mia off to her praying class and we spent time at Dolcetti while waiting for her.

Thursday - I decided to drop by CAFHS to weigh you and meet up with the nurse. You weighed 5.8kg and 59cm. Then we head up to Payneham Oval Playground so Mia can have some playtime. Picked up Dad then off to Mia's swim school.

Friday - we came home and after your morning nap we went Bread Garden for some snacks while waiting to pick up Dad. Then off to Central Market!

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