Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 15 16 17

We have been busy with Mia's ballet rehearsals and concert.

It is Week 17 now.
In the past few weeks many has changed with you.

At the end of Week 15 and beginning of Week 16 you have stopped waking up at 4am. Usually bedtime at 7ish and wake up at 4ish in the morning. One night you managed to extend up to 7am. So I pushed your bedtime to later - 8pm ish. In an effort to make you wake up later and ditch the 4am wake up. Starting from Week 16 onwards you have only woken once couple nights ago at 5am. And last night (17 wks) at 5am ish. Hoping these two will be the last.

Another achievement is at Week 16 (Monday to be exact), you started taking 2 hr naps around noon time. Usually from 12 to 2pm. Then weekend came and your schedule has messed up a bit. You have also take 180mls milk 5 times a day now that your sleep has changed. At last!

We're still working on this routine. Usually by between 5-7pm you will start fussing, doesn't know what you wanna do, some soft singing or quiet time most times calms you down a bit. Or a short nap on my arm or in the cot with lights on and door open. Just so you dont sleep too long. Before this routine you usually sleep and if it has passed 7pm you're done for the night. And wake up again at 4am. We're trying to ditch the 4am wakeup so we let you stay up a bit longer. Been a week now so let's hope this works!

Which also meant the last of middle of the night wake up for me! Bit sad tho.

Tomorrow I have my eye cataract surgery. Hope everything goes well!

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